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Please see the last question on our FAQs page for packing and shipping guidelines.

Crystalfit was created to help with the problem of "where can I get my watch repaired". It's difficult to find a watchmaker on the staff of most jewelry stores. And even more so to find one who can cut and set a watch crystal / lens / glass / face or repair a mechanical watch.

With over 20 years of experience in repairing and restoring watches, we can resolve your watch problems.

Whether you live in New York City or small town in Kansas, you can trust that we have the knowledge, skill and experience to make your timepiece look and perform its best.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a watch crystal?
A watch crystal (also referred to as a lens, glass or face) can be made of any of three materials:

1. Plexiglass
Plexiglass, is a clear, lightweight type of plastic and, as you would expect, is the least expensive crystal material. It is the least likely to shatter and the most likely to become scratched.

2. Ordinary glass or Mineral Glass
Just like the glass used for windows, ordinary glass watch crystals are usually referred to in the watch business as "mineral glass." Mineral glass, even though it has been hardened by a tempering process, is more likely to break than plexiglass. But it is also more scratch-resistant than that material.

3. Synthetic Sapphire
Synthetic sapphire is the most expensive glass crystal material and the most scratch resistant. Because it is so hard, it is also brittle, and shatters more easily than mineral glass or plexiglass.

Sapphire (whether natural or synthetic) is one of the hardest substances on earth. Synthetic sapphire is a very hard, transparent material made of crystallizing aluminum oxide at very height temperatures. Chemically, synthetic sapphire is the same as the natural sapphire used in jewelry, but without the coloring agents that give the gemstone its various hues.

When it is heated, the synthetic sapphire forms round masses that are sliced into pieces with diamond-coated saws. These disks are then ground and polished into watch crystals. (One reason sapphire crystals are relatively expensive is that the tools required to make them are costly.)

Some crystals are made of both mineral and sapphire glass. Seiko, for example, makes some watches with crystals made of mineral glass covered with a layer of synthetic sapphire. Seiko calls this composite material "Sapphlex".

Can I order a crystal for my watch and fit it myself?
Yes, we supply crystals uninstalled provided with the understanding that most crystals must be trimmed for a proper fit. Trimming and fitting a crystal takes an experienced craftsman using special tools. Use the navigation at the top of the page (under "crystal prices") to go to uninstalled crystal price pages.

My watch crystal is scratched. Can these scratches be removed?
Glass and sapphire scratches cannot be removed, therefore these crystals must be replaced. Plastic crystal scratches can be buffed if the scratches are minor.

My watch is waterproof. When you fit a new crystal will it still be waterproof?

When my watch crystal broke, the hands came off and the watch no longer runs. Can you repair the watch as well as fit a new crystal?
Yes. You will receive an estimate for the repair of your watch.

Could you upgrade my watch to a sapphire crystal?
Perhaps. Remember, however, that sapphire crystals will not fit every watch, and costs should also be considered.

How should I package and ship my watch?
When mailing a watch to Crystal-Fit

1. Mail with generous insulation in a cardboard box. Mechanical watches in particular can suffer from not-so-gentle carrier handling.

2. Do not send watch boxes or papers.

3. Inside the box, please include your phone number, email address and return address (NOTE: Crystal-Fit will NEVER share your information with anyone else. It will ONLY be used to transact business with Crystal-Fit).

4. We recommend using tracking when mailing your watch. Unless otherwise requested, Crystalfit return ships watches via USPS priority mail. If insurance is required for the return shipment, we ask that customers provide the return mailing label.

5. When your package arrives we will contact you with options, if any, and quotes for the repair costs.

6. When we finish the job you may pay by paypal or check. We do not take credit cards.

Have other questions regarding watch crystals? Please don't hesitate to email us and we will be glad to answer your inquiries.

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