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Crystal fitting and watch repair orders should be mailed to:

Crystal-Fit USA
7380 Spout Springs Rd
Suite 210, PMB 163
Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Please see the last question on our FAQs page for packing and shipping guidelines.

Crystalfit was created to help with the problem of "where can I get my watch repaired". It's difficult to find a watchmaker on the staff of most jewelry stores. And even more so to find one who can cut and set a watch crystal / lens / glass / face or repair a mechanical watch.

With over 20 years of experience in repairing and restoring watches, we can resolve your watch problems.

Whether you live in New York City or small town in Kansas, you can trust that we have the knowledge, skill and experience to make your timepiece look and perform its best.


Installed Crystal Prices

Below are standard prices for a variety of (though by no means all) crystal (also referred to as lens, glass or face) shapes and sizes. Please email us regarding shapes and sizes not listed. Prices given include installation.

Plastic Rounds

Small $30
Medium $40
Large (Sport) $45
Small with reflector ring $30
Medium with reflector ring $40
Large (Sport) with reflector ring $50
Pocket Open face $45
Pocket Hunting (watch has a cover) $60
Rolex $60
Rolex (Cyclops magnified window for the date) $70
Omega $60
Omega (Cyclops) $70

Plastic Shaped

Small $30
Medium $45

Glass Rounds

Small $35
Medium $45
Large (Sport) $60

Glass Rounds - High Grade

Small $40
Medium $50
Pocket Open face $65
Pocket Hunting (watch has a cover) $80

Sapphire Rounds

Small $60
Small - High Grade, Rolex, etc. $110
Medium $80
Large Gents, Rolex, etc. $130

Glass Shaped - Regular

Small $40
Medium $45

Glass Shaped - Cylinder*

Small $50
Medium $55

*A cylinder crystal when viewed from the bottom has a vertical wall. Almost all plastics are cylinder. Almost all glass crystals have a flat edge but a few were made like the plastics.

  crystal replacementWith hundreds of thousands of crystals in stock, plus the means to cut crystals to any shape, we're sure to have a crystal for your watch

dial refinishingRestore the original luster and beauty of your watch dial with our state of the art dial refinishing services

watch repairMechanical or quartz, antique or modern, complicated or basic, we can restore your watch to top notch efficiency
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