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Please see the last question on our FAQs page for packing and shipping guidelines.

Crystalfit was created to help with the problem of "where can I get my watch repaired". It's difficult to find a watchmaker on the staff of most jewelry stores. And even more so to find one who can cut and set a watch crystal / lens / glass / face or repair a mechanical watch.

With over 20 years of experience in repairing and restoring watches, we can resolve your watch problems.

Whether you live in New York City or small town in Kansas, you can trust that we have the knowledge, skill and experience to make your timepiece look and perform its best.



Customers are telling us just how happy they are with Crystal-Fit:

"I received my watch Friday. It looks 200% better - just like the day I bought it. On a recent trip to the Caribbean, I was very tempted to buy a new watch to replace this 13 year old watch, but I did not since I had already located your services on line. I am so glad I did not. I have a brand new watch at only a fraction of the price. Thanks again!." - Colleen M.

"Thank you for making my Dad's Omega look so good. I didn't know what to expect when I sent it, and I have to admit that I was prepared to be disappointed or at least hit up for a bundle of money. I found a leather band that closely matches an Omega classic band and I'll be holding on to this for a long time and passing it on to my son. Thanks again. You've earned my recommendation for sure." - Bob S.

"I picked up two bezels to have the crystals replaced this morning and I am thrilled. Daniel does not do a "good job", he does a perfect job every time. When it is not listed in the "crystal book", Crystal-Fit USA the first place I go to for a replacement crystal, and the last place because he will not let you down. Fast and fairly priced, AAA+!" - Thomas Bowers, Bowers Watch & Clock Repair

"Daniel, Thank you so much for the great service! I do not remember ever having a better experience with any on line business. Very, very impressed!. Thanks again!" - John S., Texas

"The watches arrived a few minutes ago via FedEx. Thank you very much. They both look beautiful! I am thrilled with how the IWC Schaffhausen turned out. What beautiful work you do. And the Hamilton Spur looks very handsome with its new dome glass. Kind regards" - John P.

"Excellent work! I could not be more pleased with the outcome, the service and the responsiveness. I have spent months searching locally for someone who could replace my watch crystal and you had the skill and knowledge to fix it in less than a week. Outstanding! Many, many thanks for restoring my watch to its original splendor." - Eric L., Maryland

"Dear Daniel, I just received the watch and I want to thank you for the beautiful work you did and the promptness of your service. I am so glad to wear it again, I told you how much it means to me. Of course, if ever the occasion presents itself, I will strongly recommend that whomever is in need of repairs contact you. Again, thank you so much, my very best regards." - Philippe G.

"Hi Daniel, I just got my watch! It's Perfect! Thank you Daniel for helping me get the style I wanted with an antique watch. I will give you a break....but I have two more for you to look at. They are not as difficult as this one was.Thank you!" - Marcy K.

"Thank you on the beautiful job you did on the diamond Gruen case you did for my customer. I really thought it was a lost cause, but the crystal you cut clears the hands perfectly and the finished product looks fantastic, even better than the original. I am very impressed with your services and will be calling on you again next time I have crystal needs." - Michael Bowers, Bowers Watch & Clock Repair, Georgia

"My husband, had you repair and refurbish my beautiful antique Bulova watch in 2007. It is still running and I'm overjoyed. I have a 1984 Longines watch. The band is tight and uncomfortable. I couldn't get replacement links from Longines, so I finally found the same watch on eBay. I would like to give you both the original and the parts watch. I need 3 links (1/2") inserted into the band of the original watch to make it fit comfortably. Also, clean the original watch and, at your discretion, replace any worn parts with parts from the eBay watch. I understand that you cannot give me a price quote until you inspect the watch. I can send the watches to you at your convenience." - Linda B., Georgia

"I received the watch yesterday, and my son is so thrilled to have his father's watch back again. Is there a BBB that you are a member of, or some other organization that accepts reviews of associated firms? I would most definitely like to acknowledge your efforts in this matter. Many, many thanks for putting a smile back on my son's face." - Kevin D.

"Thank you for getting my Granny's watch in running order again. I've had it for 11 years and was always afraid to leave it somewhere to be fixed. It means so much to be able to wear it! One of her favorite hobbies was shopping and buying jewelry; the other was antiques. The watch is a reminder of both of those to me. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job." - Audra W., Georgia

"Received the watch back. Great job on the crystal. And thanks for polishing the watch and band. It probably saved me another $150.00. Regards and thanks again." - Jay F.

"We just received the LL Bean watch and we want to thank you for the wonderful job you did once again. I want to tell you Carolyn is happier than can be described, although the watch shows signs of wear, as is normal, it was one of her favorite. I was admiring the fact that you took the pain to reuse the buckle, it is a detail I was not expecting, but you did it masterfully. Thank you again for your competence and attention to detail, you should be proud to be such an artisan. Carolyn joins me in wishing you the best. ." - Philip N.

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the watch back and it looks great. The timing is better than ever and the crystal is perfect. Thanks again for your help." - Tiffany M., St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

"I received the watch and and, without a doubt, it's better than new. Thanks for the great job -- I'm really impressed." - Christopher G.

"I just put my watch back on my wrist! Thank You! You did a beautiful job, and I am so glad that I found your website. What a pleasure to find someone who does a good job in the time frame promised. Again, many thanks,." - Kim D.

"I just received the watch - and it is beautiful! I will be proud to show it to my family and friends, and will certainly recommend you as a wonderful source for watch restoration (and of course replacement crystals). I expect to have more pieces for you to restore." - Mike S., New York

"Daniel, I received my watch today and I am extremely pleased with the new crystal. My watch looks like it is brand new. I appreciate the fast service and will certainly recommend your company to others that need crystal installation. Thanks!." - Gary P.

"Thanks for making all this so easy!" - Robert H., California

"Hi Daniel - Thank you so much for such a great job! I received my watch and I LOVE IT! It was restored as the first time I received it from my late husband. It look so beautiful. Thank you for doing such a great job in replacing the tear drop crystal and restoring the face of the watch to it's original condition. It was amazing how you were able to get the face restored. I just love it, it looks great. The crystal you made fit's perfect! I'm so happy that I was able to send this valuable piece to you and know that it was taken good care of while in your care. I will definitely keep you in mind for all my future repairs. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.... I just can't thank you enough"! - Elaine M., California

"Received my watch back today. Great job! Thanks for making my watch look new again at a fair price and quick turnaround" - Dennis M.

"I received my granddaughter's watch yesterday and it looks great. She will be so excited. I greatly appreciate your fast service and your patience with me. Do you also repair watches? I would like to keep you as a resource!" - Debbie K., Oklahoma

"...the watch is spectacular and runs quite accurately. I also saw that you 'buffed it up' a bit, and I appreciate that very much. I let my grandson look at the movement...and he was totally amazed. It's difficult to help him to understand that the watch represents the way almost everything was manufactured at one time in the US. Cars, watches, manufacturing equipment, everything. I thank you again and will be back in touch." - Tom H.

"A short note to let you know that the crystals just arrived. Thank you for providing such a useful and efficient, service." - Bob Y., United Kingdom

"I rec'd the Longines back today thank you, wonderful job. I think by reading the envelope that I owe you $80 for that one and $50 for the crystal on the Mondaine. If that is correct I can send you a check, or call you and give you a credit card#. Or wait until the Tissot is done your choice. I am going to send you another one." - Jim R., New Hampshire

"Daniel, I received the watch with today's mail, and I think it looks great! Thank you!" - Alex B., New York

"Hi Daniel, The watches look so great. Whenever I get extra money to spend on watches I will send to you. I had been sending them to Farfo's up north and was looking for someone in Atlanta. The watch repair shop I had previously taken my watches to - from the idiotic things they told me -well, to put it nicely don't have any idea how to repair vintage watches! Thanks again" - Marcy K., Georgia

"Received my Ricoh watch in the mail yesterday and I just wanted to compliment you on a super job; the watch looks and runs great! Thank you!" - John C.

"I just opened a package from Crystal Fit and it contained two of the most beautiful watches I can imagine. It's like magic - I send you junk and you send me beautiful, no STUNNING, watches in return! I can't tell you how pleased I am with both watches but especially the square watch with the gable crystal. At first I didn't care much for the square one, now it's my favorite!! What you sent back to me cannot go unmentioned!! Thanks so very much Daniel!!" - Barry D.

"I meant to write earlier, but I received the watch about a week ago and it is great! It looks like you also buffed out some scratches - I haven't seen it that shiny in years. Thanks for a great job!" - Brooke K.

"Such friendly and quick service, with like new results will keep me as a customer! My local jeweler wanted to charge me almost twice what your price was. Thanks so much for all of your help in my watch repair!" - Audrey N.

"We received the watch back and my husband just LOVED it. You did a superb job. Many thanks!" - Lynne P.

"I got the watch back today and I am so impressed! Thank you so very much. I hope we can do business again in the future. I can now read the initials of my Great Grandpa Jonas David Sparks (J.D.S.) and his wife Eva Young (E.Y.). Again thank-you for restoring this family treasure." - John S., Virginia

"Thank you so much for your message. You are so sweet to work so hard on my watch, and I really appreciate it. Today is my birthday (never mind which one!) and it was a lovely gift to get your message. I am sure I will thoroughly enjoy wearing my "new" watch. I was very lucky to stumble onto finding you. Thank you, again, so very much!" - Dawn L.

"Just received my watch back and it looks awesome! The cystal you installed fits better than the original and makes the watch look brand new! Thanks so much for fixing up my keep sake!" - George W.

"Oh Daniel! I got the watches today. You know I started out really wanting that round watch and the rectangular one went along for the ride. Now that you've worked your magic on them, the rectangular one is absolutely BEAUTIFUL especially with the crystal you put on it!!! The dial refinish on the round watch is amazing - much better than I expected!! Thank you again for bring new life to a couple old watches. I can wear them proudly now rather than keep them put away in a box!!" - Larry L.

"Absolutely love the watch! Really excited about being able to show this off. Thanks for the great work." - Christopher L., Texas

"Hi - Just a quick note to let you know that I received the watch and it looks great and my customer will be very pleased. Thank you again for such prompt service and hope to do business with you again." - Susan M.

"Received my Elgin back from you today, WOW, looks great! I can't believe it's the same watch. You definitely have my business and will happily recommend you to others If I have the opportunity. Thanks for the great workmanship and communication." - Bill H.

"Hi, Receved the Benrus watch with the new crystal you installed, put the movement in and its been running all day....the crystal looks very good - Thanks very much for your work... Best Regards " - Wayne A.

"Excellent work on my last crystal job, your work makes my work look better." - Michael B.

"Daniel, Just wanted to send a note of Thanks to you. Very pleased with your work and good to have this watch looking good again. It was a Fathers Day gift from my kids many years ago and was my primary watch for a long time as you could tell. Thanks so much , once again." - Mike A.

"Daniel, Watch arrive at the Florida hotel in perfect condition. My wife and I were very impressed with your skill and service. Will be happy to send you friends in need of help. Thanks again." - Frank M.

"Daniel, The Illinois and Elgin arrived safely today. Thank you for such a nice job on the Illinois. It is a truly a beautiful warch!  Thank you for your prompt service." - Tom B.

"Daniel, I just received the watch today in the mail. Wow! Beautiful work! I appreciate the great communication and quick service. You have given my Ebay (yes, I know) find new life. : )" - Jeannine T.

"Daniel - Wow! The spring bar fit exactly as it should. Thank you. The Omega looks wonderful. The watch looks like it has had very little wear. I really appreciate your helping me with my collection. Thanks!" - Tom B., Virginia

"Daniel, Watches arrived yesterday. New crystals look great! I am looking forward to wearing the Wenger field watch again as the movement broke many years ago and it had sat since then in the top drawer of my dresser. It was a gift from my wife and the only watch I've ever recieved from her so it's nice to see it running again. Thanks for the prompt service. I'll be in touch about getting a Seiko dive watch serviced that was a gift from my mom when I graduated from college." - David G.

"Daniel, Received my watch yesterday and I needed to reach out and tell you how very pleased I am. This is the second time you have helped me out with a crystal. FYI , the first time was on an older Citizen I have that even Citizen told me I was out of luck with. You came through and replaced it for me. This sapphire looks SO GOOD! Like having a new watch. Thanks so much. You are my go to for crystals." - Mike A.

"Simply amazing! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for fixing my fathers watch. If I can ever be of reference please don't hesitate to reach out." - Josh M.

"Dear Daniel, My Rado arrived today and it's working great again! It's been a pleasure dealing with you. I'll save your card for future work and recommendation to friends. Many thanks." - Kevin C., Ohio

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