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Please see the last question on our FAQs page for packing and shipping guidelines.

Crystalfit was created to help with the problem of "where can I get my watch repaired". It's difficult to find a watchmaker on the staff of most jewelry stores. And even more so to find one who can cut and set a watch crystal / lens / glass / face or repair a mechanical watch.

With over 20 years of experience in repairing and restoring watches, we can resolve your watch problems.

Whether you live in New York City or small town in Kansas, you can trust that we have the knowledge, skill and experience to make your timepiece look and perform its best.


Watch Repair

At Crystal-Fit USA, we repair and service pocket watches and wrist watches. With over 20 years watch repair experience, we have the equipment and the know-how to perform almost any watch repair - whether it's replacing a battery or restoring the movement of your antique pocket. Pricing is contingent on the work being done and, although many times we are able to give an estimate, we need to examine the watch before a firm quote can be given. This because only with a thorough examination can we determine what specific ailments your watch has. Please contact us to learn more.

Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are ones that utilize a mainspring for power. This encompasses all antique watches and many of today's high grade timepieces. Some types (though not all) of mechanical watches include
manual: Requires periodic winding of the mainspring to continue to run.
automatic: Mainspring can be wound thru manual winding or motion of a rotor that is part of the movement.
chronograph: Movement with additional timing functions - typically quite complicated. Can be manual or automatic.
calendar: Movement with a date function. Can be manual or automatic.
repeater: Movement with ability to chime to indicate time - typically quite complicated.
chronometer: A specific type of movement tested and certified to meet specific precision standards.

Anatomy of a Mechanical Watch

Dial Side Down Dial Side Up
mechanical movement

mechanical movement


1. rachet & transmission wheels 9. balance assembly
2. bridges 10. pallet fork
3. barrel 11. yoke
4. mainspring 12. winding stem
5. center, 3rd & 4th wheels 13. clutch lever
6. escape wheel 14. crown & castle wheels
7. bottom plate 15. hour & minute wheels
8. balance cock  

Quartz Watches

quartz watch movement

Quartz watches are ones that utilize a battery for power. This encompasses many of today's timepieces - from very inexpensive watches to some of the most highly sought after brands. Some of the characteristics of quartz watches include

no winding: As long as the battery is transmitting power and no elements are damaged or worn, the watch will run.

precise time: Due to their solid state nature (as shown at left), quartz movements are typically very precise time keepers.

configurations: Quartz movements can be very simple (just keep time) or be quite complicated (have date and chronograph functions).


Example quartz watch movement shown at left. Typically there are many fewer moving parts in a quartz watch movement than in a mechanical watch movement.

  crystal replacementWith hundreds of thousands of crystals in stock, plus the means to cut crystals to any shape, we're sure to have a crystal for your watch

dial refinishingRestore the original luster and beauty of your watch dial with our state of the art dial refinishing services

watch repairMechanical or quartz, antique or modern, complicated or basic, we can restore your watch to top notch efficiency
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